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Welcome to the Scottish Terrier Challenge. You will have 3 minutes to complete the questions. Choose carefully-answers cannot be changed! Enter your first name or initials for the leaderboard. We DO NOT collect any personally identifiable information!

According to AKC breed standard, which of the following coat colors/patterns are NOT acceptable in a Scottish terrier?

Scotties are generally very good swimmers.

Which one of the following names is sometimes used for Scottish terriers?

There were 5 terrier breeds developed in Scotland. Which of the following breeds did NOT originate in Scotland?

The AKC lists the Scottish terrier as a hypoallergenic dog breed.

Scotties are prone to a genetic condition in which the nerves that control the dogs' muscles cause their body to stiffen. What is this condition called?

In the landmark book, "The Intelligence of Dogs", professor Stanley Coren researched and documented the intelligence of over 130 different dog breeds. Where does the Scottish terrier rank in this book?

Scottish terriers were one of the earliest breeds developed to hunt Badgers.

In the CBARQ study of dog breed temperament, where does the Scottish terrier rank in developing separation anxiety out of 124 different dog breeds?

What is the average running speed of Scottish terriers in the AKC Fast Cat (100 yard race)?

In research on modern dog breed development, the Scottish terrier shares the most common DNA with an ancestor of which of the following breeds?

Scottish terriers have a reputation as being intelligent, stubborn and tough to train.

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