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Welcome to the Leonberger Challenge Quiz. You will have 3 minutes to complete the questions. Choose carefully-answers cannot be changed! Enter your first name for the leaderboard.

In which country did the Leonberger originate?

According to FCI breed standard, a purebred Leonberger must ALWAYS have a black mask.

Because of their large size and thick double coat, most Leonbergers are poor swimmers.

In landmark research on modern dog breed development, the Leonberger has been shown to share the MOST COMMON DNA with an ancestor of which of the following breeds?

According to FCI breed standard-which of the following coat colors are NOT permitted in a Leonberger?

Leo's are big droolers. They tend to drool more than most other giant dog breeds.

The Leonberger breed has a low level of genetic diversity due to the fact that they nearly became extinct after World War 1.

Which of the following is the biggest killer of Leonbergers?

What is the average running speed of Leonbergers in the AKC Fast Cat (100 yard race)?

Leonbergers are generally a sensitive, even tempered breed and make excellent therapy dogs.

A Leonberger named Ariel gave birth to 18 puppies in 2009. What is the AVERAGE litter size for the breed?

Despite their thick coat, Leos are known to be moderate shedders.

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